Bjoern Pietruschka

about me Bjoern Pietruschka holds a B.Eng in Bioprocess Engineering and an MSc in Biotechnology and applied Ecology. Bjoern has extended experience in off-grid sanitation system conceptualization and design. He has specific expertise in operation and maintenance of DEWATS systems. Quality management and standardization have been focal points of his work approach. He has managed […]

Bheki Mthembu

about me Bheki is a Scientist at H2O Sanitation Services where he heads H2O Sanitation’s laboratory. Bheki has over 5 years in wastewater analytics and has led some monitoring campaigns in urban to rural areas, promoting agriculture, science and engineering e-mail me!

Thandeka Duma

about me Thandeka currently serves as a Manager in the Engineering office where she is responsible for the planning and implementation of different viable sanitation technologies. Thandeka enjoys working in sanitation because she views it as practice of restoring respect and dignity into lives of people. e-mail me!

Nondumiso Msomi

about me Nondumiso has her feet wet in the sanitation industry at H2O Sanitation Services where she is responsible for ensuring that all water, sanitation and hygiene programs and awareness are implemented effectively. She enjoys working in sanitation because the nature of her work involves helping the most vulnerable in society. e-mail me!

Khwezi Mathonsi

about me Khwezi oversees all aspects of the company’s finances, including the development and management of budgets, preparation of financial statements and taxation. Khwezi enjoys working in the sanitation sector because she has a heart for helping people. e-mail me!