SaniQube MSP

SaniQube Modular Sanitation Platform (MSP)
The SaniQube Modular Sanitation Platform (MSP) is aimed at delivering emergency sanitation. The SaniQube MSP can serve all environments by delivering a turnkey approach for rapid implementation of front and backends   sanitation in off-grid scenarios.

The modular approach allows minimal turnaround time for upgrades, repairs or exchange of toilets and layout. Due to its containerized nature, the SaniQube can be relocated with minimal effort and time. H2O Sanitation Services offers comprehensive sanitation packages, that are ideal for schools and informal settlements, to ensure safe and dignified sanitation services.

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Sensors & Telemetry
Turning sanitation systems into smart sanitation is the core of our business.H2O Sanitation Services offers a range of low-energy field sensors to monitor and control water-based installations in field conditions, in co-operation with our partner Elektra Systems. We offer online water-level and flow measurement to pH and process control; controlling with reliable and stable up-link service at all times.