school based sanitation

The School Based Sanitation program focuses on the technical and social services provided by H20 Sanitation Services for schools in order to transform overall school sanitation. The technical services are the total package of facilities and sanitary conditions available in and around the school compound.. The social services are the activities aiming to promote and maintain conditions at school that help the school community to prevent water and sanitation related technical malfunctions, diseases and poor learner performance. H2O Sanitation Services aims to provide a service that is innovative, fast, durable and educational for the betterment of schools and community at large.


Poor menstrual hygiene management (MHM) education not only leads to the likelihood of technological faults like pipe blockages in sanitation facilities, but it is also the reason behind many social issues in school communities. 

As part of promoting a holistic approach to MHM in the context of sanitation, H2O Sanitation Services follows the following objectives: 

  • Redefining The Meaning of Menstrual Management.
  • Breaking the silence on menstrual hygiene management.
  • Safe re-use and waste disposal solutions
  • Managing menstrual hygiene and safety.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) 

This strategic approach is known as Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education (WASH) . This program ensures that users are not only provided with safe & dignified sanitation facilities, but also with sanitation education that encourages the development of healthy behaviours for life. By providing WASH , H2O Sanitation Services seeks to not only promote hygiene, but also support national and local interventions to establish equitable, sustainable access to basic sanitation services in communities.

We provide essential services
in schools and the surrounding communities.